web development / systems integration

Established in 1952, Viscor is a lighting manufacturer specializing in LED & Fluorescent lighting products, as well as metal fabrication. Serving North America with a diverse range of products including electronic and stereo components and solid state ballasts. A notable mention is Viscor invented and developed the micro-furnace ceramic heater which is still currently maintains the capability to manufacture almost any sheet metal product.

Viscor continuously reinvested with new machinery and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Amongst this, they wished to re-build their digital infrastructure. Viscor had an existing design for deployment and required only coding, database, and server setup. The requirements were straightforward:

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Integrate with Viscor’s unique server
  • Design a proper product navigation for new and existing customers
  • Had to operate 98% faster than most typical websites
  • Create a searchable Resource database that would allow consumers access to manuals, product information, spec sheets, videos, images, etc...

Our team submitted a proposal with our coding approach, best practices in handling the specified server with post launch support options. We met with Viscor at their gorgeous facility where we were awarded the project.

We received all the documentation and specificifications and began our discovery session, there were a number of design direction issues relating to the UX mapping and user task flow.

Scope Change

Viscor decided to hand the design reigns over to us. We proposed a new design that was less static than the original proposed design. Some new feature suggestions are the following:

  • Instead of using a static PNG of an illustrated conveyor belt, we converted the file into an SVG animation with proper fallback for older browsers. The tricky part was making sure the dashes wrapped around the circle at the end.

Reliable Quality

Viscor offers high quality luminaires constructed with name brand components. Our manufacturing process adheres to the most stringent standards to ensure the quality of our products.

  • We proposed a completely new concept for the history section with an interactive timeline and subtle effects while scrolling down the page.

Daniel moved from Ossington Avenue, to 1024 Dupont St. opened Wiener Electric LTD.

1975 Expanded building 20, 000 sq ft for warehouse and shipping
1976 Purchased an elevating device to load trucks

The results of the final website made the experience of viewing an industrial lighting website dynamic. The executive team expressed their appreciation of the results. The project instilled their confidence in us to continue working with them with their other technical assets.