Joyous Health
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The Client

Joy McCarthy is a Holistic Nutritionist, author or Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well without Dieting and Joyous Detox: Your Complete Plan and Cookbook to Be Vibrant Everyday. Her other achievements includes professional speaker, regular nutrition expert for various media outlets, faculty member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well — Toronto’s first integrated nutritional and yoga program. Joy has been feature on several local and national media outlets and sponsored by multiple health and food brands across the country.

The Project

Hubnest has worked with the Joyous Health team since 2014 and is thrilled to continue working together to redesign the 3rd version of the website. The goal of the design would be to improve the user experience for website visitors while maintaining their branding guidelines. The new design would allow of scalability of introducing new Joyous products and services.

Hubnest proposed new technology Hubnest has been developing to Joyous Health that would automate he website engagement ad transactions. Dynamic content throughout the website is displayed based on aggregated trending data across three core sections of the website: the blog, members area, and e-commerce. This past data combined with input data will drive curated results for users. For example, curated blog post collections will cater to different occasions and user types. New readers can easily get a glimpse of what the offering is about and sign up from the many call-to-act.

From a business level, the data gathered will allow for improved inventory management, content management, marketing initiatives all in a single manageable back-end.

The Result

Joyous health project incorporates some of the best technology and design practices Hubnest has to offer during the time of the build - smart algorithms, custom eCommerce, member tracking, first-party conversion design. The website design maintains the image of JoyMcCarthy of being a warm and fun individual.

The project is an example of ideal web practices. The entire website operates as an ecosystem, once users enter from third-party sources (Google, Social media, Referral websites) users are directed to perform some level of transaction. For Joyous Health, the desired transactions are defined as call-to-actions where a hierarchy is created for example: membership signup, product purchase, and/or social sharing.

The ‘Smart’ algorithm will track user behaviour allowing the Joyous Health team of view various metrics in the back-end with custom filtering and faceted search reporting format. The eCommerce back-end also manages inventory, ordering and shipping processes, along with sales conversion matrix, currency converter and shipping calculator. Customers receive automated on-site notifications nada emails on each transaction.


Joyous Health


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