New York Language Center
Graphic Design, Web/Mobile Development

New York Language Center (NYLC) specializes in language education to students from all over the world. With locations across the New York City area, the previous website did not scale with the growth of NYLC.

After carefully understanding the needs from the faculty, and the students enrolling from all parts of the world interested in NYLC, we created an IA, sitemap, a custom UI/UX design, and developed a unique back-end architecture to meet all needs.

While most of the project is very straightforward, we faced two challenges upon scoping the project

  • Translating the website to 13 languages without breaking design on desktop or mobile
  • The unique pricing matrix NYLC uses for each of their location with discount models depending on study term, location, and number of programs enrolled that would also perform calculations and conduct payment transaction.

In order for the design to work well with the large number of languages that would display copy content at different sizes, we had to build a full-width box design. The layout did not hinder the look and feel the client desired.

The pricing matrix had to be re-built with a new database structure that would allow for fast calculations that would lead to registration/transaction.