Graphic Design, Web/Mobile

One of Hubnest’s Greatest Lessons.

Leadshark was a prototype web-based software in collaboration with a Toronto design agency in 2013 during Hubnest’s early inception. The concept behind the web-based software was to create a basic affordable CRM for small businesses. The internal goal for Hubnest was to perfect the internal processes by working under external direction, to test our technological limits and understand our strengths and weaknesses as a whole.
Our goals

  • Maximize our knowledge of the 10 algorithmic programming uses: lists, arrays, stack, search trees (heap), sorting and searching, priority queues, pattern matching and parsing, hashing, Disjoint Sets, Graph Algorithms (Dynamic Programming) and Data Structures, State Space Search Algorithms
  • To test our own capabilities and organization in handling a 1,000+ hour projects
  • Ultimately understand if LeadShark was a client project, would Hubnest succeed or fail?

What did we learn?

  • Design (advertising agency) and Development needed to communicate on a deeper level to ensure functions created by development was reflected visually by designer. A process needed to be created.
  • Client (user) management was important as milestones and scope was at a constant fluid, resulting in countless development hours rendered became unused. A process needed to be created.
  • Testing process and feedback survey needed to be controlled as revision list became astronomical. A process needed to be created.
  • The biggest lesson was managing communications, timelines, milestones. We needed to hire strong Project Managers.

The final product launched successfully. Many roadblocks and hurdles were faced. Through this project Hubnest began creating many internal processes and after two years, those very processes have been refined to a seamless adoption by the internal team and our clients.