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Influence Group produces invite-only B2B leadership forums designed to encourage open and candid dialogue between consumer providers and industry leading vendors. This is accomplished by careful selection of invitees, speakers, and curating content carefully. A unique feature of arranging one-on-one meetings making their events intimate, personable and centered around establishing meaningful relationships with the goal of translating into partnerships. The bonus is all events are hosted at resorts, not hotels.

Every past event is example of how Influence Group revives the definition of face-time.

Influence Group Homepage

The Situation After the first meeting with our concept developers and viewed the proposed concept, Influence Group was convinced Hubnest would be the awarded team to build the new Influence Group website to lead the new image and 2016 business goals.

The new image direction Influence Group sought after is to have a professional website without the stiff upper lip. They wanted to show a bit of edge and creativity as those two characteristics are the core principles of their events.

Influence Group Desktop Version

Our Approach The project time was mostly spent on mapping out the UX and user task flow.

Influence Group Site Workflow

We realized the key ingredient that wasn't made clear is establishing credibility. We decided to integrate testimonials from reputable big name organizations and images of past events right before the link-out to the landing pages. Improving the confidence for consumer providers to register.

From Our Partners
Executive Manager of Operations
JLL Inc.
"Honestly, I believe this was the most beneficial conference I have ever attended. All of the sessions and activities were great for sharing of information, discussion or networking. I came away with pages of notes and a great deal of excitement!"
Directory of Human Affairs
LG Company
"I attend a lot of events every year based on my role in national accounts and marketing and this is by far, from a value perspective and productivity, very good because you engage with the right senior leadership where I focus my time."
Shadow Separator

The result is we added an extra step with an Event Detail page that speaks on past events and testimonials of successful connections from industry vendors.

Influence Group Contact Page
Influence Group Mobile Version