Williams and Partners
Graphic Design, Web/Mobile

We can rebuild it. We have the technology. Better than it was before. Better...stronger...faster.

A Canadian forensic accounting firm, Williams & Partners, offered a digital calculator to their clients (insurance adjusters) on their website. The native app calculator concept created by them allowed their clients to be able to perform quick, yet complex calculations to support various insurance claims while traveling on the road.

Like any common technology life-cycle, the app became outdated and eventually difficult to use with newer browsers, mobile device compatibility, and other platforms. Updating the app became resource heavy in terms of both time and money with their previous development team. Williams & Partners wanted to maintain their competitive edge by offering a native app that would require less maintenance and create additional value to their clients with more calculation functions.

After Hubnest performed a complete audit of the app, we immediately knew the high-level goals we needed to achieve:
  1. Re-build the calculator that would allow for easier updates against regulatory changes
  2. Create an authentication process for insurance adjustors
  3. Perform calculations faster and offer the ability to profile and save
  4. Save/Print/E-mail calculation reports for future use in mediation/arbitration purposes

Hubnest rebuilt the outdated calculator from scratch as a web based HTML5 product and created iOS and Android native applications. This allowed authenticated insurance adjustors to use the calculator directly in their arbitration/mediation meetings. The calculator was built in PHP/HTML5 and fully secured with an SSL encryption. By having a web-based centralized location, updates became easy with a centralized code-base that would affect the web, iOS and Android apps at the same time.