The Blood Mile
Graphic Design, Web/Mobile

Collaboration Creates Beauty

Andy Lyberopoulos, an inspiring author, approached Hubnest seeking a custom website for the debut launch of his book - The Blood Mile. He wanted the design to be closely related to the story of Blood Mile, while establishing his name as an author. The website needed to have a theme that would promote the book.
Blood Mile book cover
The concept Hubnest suggested was simple, let’s get the book illustrator involved in the web design process. Our graphic designers first had to familiarize themselves with the story by reading the book. After working with the content provided by The Blood Mile’s graphic artist, three different original concept layouts were created for Andy. The results were breathtaking for Andy as we were able to create some striking effects and animation!
Many of the development hours was spent planning the mobile/desktop interactivity in mind. The reason behind our madness was to maintain the interactive and book preview experience on all devices. Hubnest developed a completely custom e-reader and video-overlays certifying quality. We also developed a smooth online payment process with simplicity and user-experience in mind.

This concept was based on an idea of Sawyer (the chick) walking down the screen as the user continues to scroll down and learn more about the book. This would have been a vertical-scroll website with additional interactivity and effects as Sawyer would reach specific sections and obstacles.


The third concept was a multi-page and horizontal scroll layout. Calls-to-action are scattered throughout the site to encourage book purchases and reading reviews.