JV Capital
Branding, Graphic Design

Modernizing the image of private lending

JV Capital is a very early client of Hubnest. We built them a fully automated internal data processing system that generates various lending contracts while maintaining the visuals of a professional document. Unfortunately we can’t share the proprietary process developed for JV Capital but we have other examples of automation that can be seen on our portfolio page.

The client had notified us that they put out a tender bid for a complete branding strategy. Admittedly, we told them this was not our strength compared to our development but they insisted we try as they have been very happy with the design created for their proprietary system. So we did! And we won!

The client had very few colours they wished to work with and a few words to describe the new image of their lending organization: cutting edge, technology driven, professional, safe and secure.

  1. Growth, simple, strong. The symbol contained within the diamond is a representation of a growing tree, branching off into various sections. Within the tree, the letters J, V and C can be seen.
  2. A representation of two entities working together in in synergy
  1. A more abstract representation of two elements joining together.
  2. A use of Venn diagram symbol, where two elements share a common space or goal. Possibly too generic, and could be similar to other brands
  3. A simple clean combined lettermark of the letters J and V.

Our designers had a multitude of hand drawn concepts and decided to digitize 5 of them. Each one representing a different emotional feeling. The client did not approve of any.

The designers went back to the drawing board. The letters J and V don't naturally form together but a new idea sparked. A simple triangle shape that has both a J and a V inside of it, that is sharp and precise, while being perfectly balanced. The client absolutely loved it. Once the branding guideline and strategy was developed, we went on to create all other collateral including business cards, and letterheads.