Canadian International AutoShow
Graphic Design

Hubnest loves cars and we cannot lie!

Hubnest are big fans of cars. In May of 2014, we heard about the 2015 Canadian International Auto Show tender bid to propose a new design refresh for their website, we immediately jumped at the opportunity. After several meetings and presentations, our design concept won! The Canadian Auto Show had their own development team, so we were simply asked to provide all the working CSS and InDesign files for the development team to build.

We built the concept to achieve the following goals:

  • Outline sitemap to cater the three audiences - Public, Exhibitors, and Press
  • Create strategy targeted advertising banner positions without hindering user experience
  • Conduct survey study to identify most important content that needed to be delivered
  • Presented a easy to use plug-in to Auto Show development team that will aggregate all social media feeds for interaction
  • We proposed repositioning their main logo and tagline for symmetry
  • Designed a news section into the website to keep users coming back during the rest of the year for fresh automotive content.
  • Designed the template in containers and suggested several methods for responsive development
Hubnest was commissioned to design (but not build) a new website look for their internal team to develop, and this is what we created: