Graphic Design, Web/Mobile

Introducing Technology to Help Volunteers

DSAYR (Down Syndrome Association of York Region) is a not-for-profit organization set out to provide resource information to families who have been affected by Down Syndrome. The association reached out to Hubnest when they were left with an incomplete website by a previous developer. Their team had no technical support or access to any of the website files, hosting logins, or domain control. During our discovery meeting, we learned that the board consisting of volunteers spent a significant amount of time maintaining member records with pen and paper. From donations, newsletters, to generating annual receipts to be sent out for tax purposes.

After an internal brainstorming session with the team designated to the DSAYR project, the execution plan was to achieve three goals working in tandem:
  1. Conduct research and analysis and create a proper branding guideline as well as a refreshed logo.
  2. Create a brand new website with new features, intuitive functions, and a friendly design. Introduce a ‘member zone’ where members can comfortably share photos from community events without worrying about photos being misused on the Internet. Build a counter that counts down to the next community event.
  3. Automate and consolidate multiple manual processes, for example, year-end donation receipt generation can now be done with a click of a button. We also developed a simple online donation process and a member database that allows acceptance of credit card donations directly at hosted events.

Our standard process includes building responsive websites for any resolution devices or browsers.

We also removed the need for a 3rd party donation platform and introduced an encrypted tokenized custom payment system that securely connected with DSAYR’s banking gateway for recurring donation deposits. This custom system allowed us to provide the treasury board with a custom analytics back-end and desired reports. In addition to lowering transaction fees paid by the association, all accounting data was merged with their standalone accounting software.