The Client

Abacus is a multi-office anti-agency around the world with a unique approach to their marketing services. They offer a network of specialists who are each the best in their field at one thing and ready to collaborate with other agencies, rather than one full-service agencies. This approach offers highly targeted capabilities and insight.

Abacus sees a shift in brands embracing tis change, and are building a roster of experts for client marketing network. Abacus is the go-to Facebook Ads agency, using the platform to aid in user acquisition and growth-focused technical marketing.

The Project

Hubnest was approached by a Co-Founder of Abacus providing us with their desired brand image. We were given compete creative freedom to create their branding guideline and website.

The Abacus brand is analytical, technical and always innovative. Our branding effort brings together geometric icons and illustrations inspired by constellations and web-ready typography fitting for Abacus digital needs.

The design aesthetic of the website needed to be innovative, creative, and modern with a strong infrastructure to cleverly serve information: impressive bio, clear messaging, and a positive company culture.

The Result

The beauty giving our team creative and development freedom is our endless imagination to create amazing results. Our team was able to implement the new branding on a fully customized website. The site featured animated illustrations, dynamic layouts and transitions.

The Hubnest team decided to give the website a ‘story’ on the paradigm shift in traditional digital marketing approaches which leads into the specifics on Abacus’ methodology. The minimalistic animation and information transparency allows the website to easily be digested by visitors from beginning to end.




UX/UI Design

Front-End Development