UI/UX / Website / Custom System
The Client

Get-A-Rate is the first non-commissioned online financial lender. The company started in 2012 with the mission to protect, educate, and empower a new generation of lending. Their target audiences are young families and new home buyers. Their unique value proposition to the lending space is they are the nation's first and (currently) only non-commissioned home lender driven by the purpose, truth, transparency and integrity.

The Project

The goal of the project was to revitalize and redesign the existing half-functional website. The client had given us the autonomy to develop a website that will ensure improved website functionality leading to conversions.

We developed several user audience engaging components that woud help the Get-A-Rate experience:

1. Branding and Content Creation

While the logo brand itself remained, we touched up the appearance and slogan. All the copy was written by a financial writer after conducting extensive research. The design and content strategy team worked together to create the most effective combination of high-res images, structure of language, and color palette.

Get A Rate image - The Nation's First and Only Non-commissioned Home Loan Lender
2. Custom User Profile Front-End Design

With researched user profiles, competitive research, and user-task flows, we established the most ideal interface that would communicate Get-A-Rate stands for innovation, reliability, and professionalism. Subtle animations lead eye movement to Call-To-Actions

Get A Rate image: site development
3. Applicant Portal

This is an integral part of the entire project. The concept behind this was to help the Get-A-Rate team achieve several milestones by improving Applicant experience as follows:

  • See the status of their request and update information instantly
  • Upload required documents, input necessary information and see the status of their request and update information instantly
  • Receive notifications via email on application status updates and messages from the Get-A-Rate team
Get A Rate image: Applicant Portal
New Calculators

Get-A-Rate's president, Michael Sema, expressed huge ambition and vision to create the most accurate online calculators in the business. The three calculators - rent vs. buy, mortgage, and affordability. Michael knew the calculators were essential to find the proper quotes. We rebuilt the calculator to reduce user input and help to expedite lead conversion.

Get A Rate image: Affordability Calculator
The Result

Hubnest is currently conducting A/B testing with two versions of the home page. We also developed multiple PPC pages that integrate live rates to create a relevant destination with Facebook and AdWorld campaigns. Currently Get-A-Rate is able to process more applications with the new document manager in the applicant portal. Conversion quality has improved with the new calculators

Get A Rate Homepage A
Get A Rate Homepage B
Get A Rate Application A
Get A Rate Application B
Get A Rate mobile version