No Fly Zone, Turn Back!
Santa's taking back Christmas
Help Santa take back presents from naughty kids. Every time you take a present, you get more time. Collect carrots to feed your reindeer, which allows them to fly faster. Each gift you help Santa take back, you can put a gift on your wishlist.

Select A Location
Turn Left
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Turn Right
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Fly UpThe higher you fly, the faster you go.
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Fly DownThe lower you fly, the slower you go.
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Steal GiftFly santa over the gift to steal it.
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Please play this game on a larger screen, with a keyboard. Happy Holidays!

Here is wishlist
Send your own wishlist to someone else!


Santa holding a present You have stolen 3 gifts

Pick 3 gifts and send your
wishlist to a friend!

Enter your name

You can choose 2/3 gifts Santa holding a present

Enter your friend's name and email

Enter your personal message

My Wishlist

Add an item by searching on the right.
Your Message Has Been Sent

Thank you for playing. Your wishlist secret is safe with me. Better hide your gifts when you get them, or I will steal them next year. MUHAHAHA

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Santa Holding a Merry Christimas Sign