Websites: When To Go Custom
November 16, 2016
Author: Erwin Lee

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of website builder frameworks such as Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress. We learned a lot about the technology but mostly because of our clients who use them. Frameworks are great because users can setup their website fairly quickly and the cost is usually low and broken down on a monthly basis. So when should you consider going custom? Here are some things we wish entrepreneurs and organizations were aware of until it was too late.

Investing more into your existing framework

We are often shocked when we learn how much time and money is put into resolving simple tasks a framework won’t allow or finding a developer who is familiar with a particular framework. If your business has grown where fairly complex new features and functions are required such as eCommerce, extensive API integration, unique animations, or membership login portal - It’s time to consider going custom. A custom website can better scale to your business and cost less in the long run, making it a more viable investment.

Your business revolves around the framework

This happens more often than we would like to see. We usually hear some great ideas from clients on things they want to do to their website but because the option doesn’t exist on their web builder framework, they park the idea for months. As a result, they start modifying their business to better fit the framework website. When you find that your business is being limited by your web presence, it’s time to consider going custom.

Security and speed

We get asked why a website is slow or how there is constant security issues with malicious attacks or viruses. Most frameworks are built to be generic for mass communities and industries when they are free or cost $20-$100 per month, you need to accept that speed and security is addressed as a reactive measure. If the framework’s speed and security is negatively impacting your business, it’s time to consider going custom with proactive speed measures and encrypted security.

If you’re curious if a custom website is for you, contact us a and speak with one of our digital strategists.

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