Creating Super Landing Pages
November 16, 2016
Author: Erwin Lee

Whether you’re promoting a service or product, landing pages have one goal - clear out the distractions and let the page focus on one thing – conversion. A well designed landing page usually contains images, video, user testimonials, specifications (if applicable), and a strategically placed CTA (call-to-action). These page features will offer your target audience the information and the incentive they need to move into your sales funnel. A highly qualified and targeted lead is what a landing page can generate.

Although a landing page in theory sounds simple, designing a successful landing page requires detailed planning and testing. Regardless of the conversion action you’re looking to initiate, it’s helpful to get inspired of what a good landing page looks like. Remember, because all businesses have different user audiences, there really isn’t a “right” way of building a landing page. See some of the examples we like:


Shopify creates an example of a simple and direct landing page for a 14-day trial. Hubnest likes the simple design and text that gets right to the point. The headline establishes trust identifying their current user-base, the value proposition is delivered in bullet points, and credibility is noted by identifying the qualified media they were featured in. In two steps and a few fields, the user is converted with a profile with their trial setup in a very automated process.


H.Bloom takes a very different approach to their landing page with more visuals, which makes sense considering their business is in creating visually appealing products. There is a fine balance between the use of high-resolution images, the white space and use of text is extremely well balanced. The information is clear and concise. The only sore spot I find is the ‘submit’ text is washed out in the orange button.


Trulia uses a practice we found to be very effective with our clients. We found this conversion method to be standard practice today. The form starts with one simple inquiry that leads into other question fields that are non-invasive resulting in receiving a rough valuation of your home.

On a side note, they did a much better job in having clear text over the orange button than H.Bloom.

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with us and see how we can help your business build a landing page.

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