Step up your Instagram with the new Business Tool
October 19, 2016
Author: Erwin Lee

Instagram has been around for nearly 5 years, but has just recently rolled out Instagram for Business. The new tool allows you, a business owner, to communicate the story of your company to a consumer through engaging visuals while also providing key business insights. So, you’re a business and the next thing you’re wondering is, how can I use Instagram for Business to benefit me? Follow this simple how-to guide to get your businesses Insta-ready.

1. Create an Account & Begin to Post

If you haven’t done so already, create an Instagram account for your company. Choose an account name, profile photo, and description (profile) that’s easily associated with your brand. Instagram is about posting engaging visual content. Post photos and videos that define your company and show what your company has to offer. Make sure to play around with caption lengths, and include hashtags. #Hubnest #InstagramForBusiness #Blogging

2. Explore Instagram Business Tools

Instagram now gives businesses insights. You’ll be able to see key analytical metrics on post interactions, post impressions and post reach. These insights will then help you make informed decisions when creating social media campaigns.

3. Start an Instagram campaign and begin to advertise for your company on Instagram

Use key insights, create content that speaks to your brand, and develop an Instagram campaign that best serves your business goals. When getting started, you need to define your audience and figure out what you want to say. By defining the right audience and developing Instagram posts that are strategically tailored to that specific audience, your posts will receive greater engagementconsumers clicking to “shop now” or  “learn more”and hopefully lead to more business growth. Once you have a running campaign, check your insights to see what worked, and what could be improved upon for next time!

With the new tool provided by Instagram for Business, your company's social media marketing will become more tailored to your consumer’s behavior, and result in better engagement and better ROI. Contact us below with any questions regarding Instagram for Business.

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