Using Apple Pay on your eCommerce Website
October 19, 2016
Author: Erwin Lee

Online eCommerce sites provide consumers with the convenience of shopping from anywhere, at any time. Apple Pay is looking to making that convenience even more seamless by simplifying the online payment process. With just a click of a button, Apply Pay will allow consumers to make purchases from any of their Apple devices without having to insert credit card informationan attempt to make mobile wallets more widely used and trusted. The simplicity and convenience of Apple Pay is expected to be valuable for consumers as well as sellers.

Everyone is integrating Apple Pay into their eCommerce site following the release of Apple’s iOS 10. Casper, Wayfair, Sports Illustrated (to name a few), all offer transaction opportunity without the need for an app or POS (point of sale) system. Apple Pay is a safe, secure and fast way for consumers to buy online, and incorporating it into your website is easier now than ever. With the release of iOS 10, in the upcoming year more than 200,000 online merchants plan to support Apple Pay on their sites. Now, it’s time to incorporate it into yours!

"In the upcoming year more than 200,000 online merchants plan to support Apple Pay on their sites."

How it Works

Once consumers find a product they wish to purchase, they need only to press the Apple Pay button to complete that said purchase. Apple Pay streamlines sales, and saves the thousands and thousands of potential sales that get left in the shopping cart and lost each day. Apple Pay effectively cuts out routine transaction processes (inserting credit/debit information), and uses heavy encryption algorithms that protect both the transaction information, and more importantly, the consumer's personal information.

What it Means For You as an Online Merchant

Apple Pay makes purchases happen, and it makes them happen fast. The new service effectively saves sales that have been historically lost due to the drawn out process involved with online buying. More sales means more revenue. The service is also backed by the Apple name that consumers trust. With Apple Pay, consumers will begin to trust Mobile Wallets—a phenomenon that has not yet caught on with the general public.

With more than 200,000 merchants on board, Apple Pay is about to revolutionize the way in which people shop online. With the convenience of Aplpy Pay right at the fingertips of consumers, the new payment system is worth a try for any company looking to drive, as well as increase, online sales. Is your company ready to incorporate Apple Pay into your eCommerce site? Leave us a comment below, and we’ll be in touch!

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