10 Stock Photos Websites Should Stop Using
August 22, 2016
Author: Erwin Lee

Every designer and marketer understands the value of a good visual that compliments a brand, message, or story.  This practice is especially important today with the birth of visual timelines on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Attention spans are now shorter, so a photo’s instant engagement is crucial.

This is why Hubnest will invest a significant amount of time in creating moodboards, lightboxes, and create photo committees for our projects. After all, a picture says a thousand words, right? But are the images you’re using saying the words you want your audience users to hear?

Over the years, our design team have seen their share of websites with images that are confusing or unexplainable. This can be due to a business limited in resources or time to go through the proper image curation process. The Hubnest design team decided to show some example photos not to use and added some satirical captions. Let us know if you recognize any of them.

Model wearing a headset

The Done Deal handshake

Successful team jumping in the air... who are not your team.

Best. Meeting. Ever.

Technology is hard and I hate my life right now

Stand back, guys. Genius whiteboarding generic buzzwords

Superhero consultant here to save your business

That moment the chief photo editor says, “Business? Hurdles? Guys, I got it. Guy in business suit jumping over a track hurdle”

This salad makes me laugh like Josh Gad

The kicker: You’ve all seen it before. The arbitrary graph of increased… something.

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