4 Questions To Guide Your Digital Presence
July 28, 2016
Author: Addison

The most crucial investment a modern business will make is in building its digital presence. At Hubnest we believe that at the core of every digital presence is a strong website. When it comes to such an important investment, how does a business communicate vision, values, and personality in the most effective way? How does a business build not just a website, but an experience that tells the story of it’s brand and team? The answer can be found in what audiences connect with.

People connect with passion and purpose. A strong story and sense of purpose behind a company, displayed in combination with services offered, is what makes a website stand out. We spoke with our sales and design team to narrow down top questions to guide your own business in building its strongest online presence. Here are their picks:

1. What are you business's core values?
Write down 3-5 guiding principles that are essential to your business. These values will attract an audience that hold similar values to yours.

2. What do you want to say?
We are huge believers that your website is your salesperson talking to hundreds of potential customers at one time. If your website was a real life person, what’s the first thing you’d want them to say when they introduce your business?

3. What feelings do you want to create in your audience?
How do you want your visitors to react when they land on your website? Do you want them to feel inspired? Educated? Determined?

4. How is your bsuiness shaping the future of your industry?
People love to be part of progress. Knowing that they’re working with a business that’s changing an industry as a whole, and being part of that change, resonates with people and is incentive to make a purchase or become a client. Show how you want to make an impact, and customers will show their support.

These questions drive purpose. Understanding your purpose will best you understand the best way to present your business online. Your answers will hold major influence in the design and feel of your website. As your digital presence expands, this design can be translated into new visuals, videos, microsites, and campaigns. Make sure that your website accurately connects with the audience you want, and the rest of your digital presence will come together.

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