How To Grow Your Business With Testimonials
July 19, 2016
Author: Addison

Often times the most simple way to grow your business is the best. Nothing beats the value of going back to basics to gain traction with new customers. When it comes to reaching a new customer base, the power of positive recommendations and referrals should never be overlooked. This is why it’s so important to keep on top of customer testimonials.

Why are testimonials so valuable? The answer comes down to two reasons. First, that they build trust, and second that they have many uses.

Have you ever visited a website that you weren’t familiar with, but saw reviews that made you feel more comfortable in learning what the business has to offer? Testimonials can build a bridge of trust and credibility for your business. When their placement and use is strategically optimized for the overall goal of your website, they can be the catalyst for building relationships with new customers.

Testimonials are one of the most multi-use marketing tools that grow with your business over time. While your website can be built with a dedicated testimonials page, that’s not the only place they can be helpful for your business. They can also be worked into landing pages and About sections. Beyond your website, they offer value for business LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Yelp pages.

Is your business up to date on testimonials? As you’re reading this, are there past customers that come to mind that you should reach out to? There is so much value in keeping up to date on all clients you’ve worked with, and presenting testimonials in a way that resonates with new clients.

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