Your Best Salesperson Is Your Website
July 14, 2016
Author: Erwin Lee

Being in digital for nearly a decade, it’s always interesting to identify trends within successful online businesses. Every business has some level of sales. This could be your team, a consultant, your marketing strategy, or you. For many years now, I have been preaching to every business that their website is their best “salesperson”. A website is the final destination for a prospective client deciding whether or not to reach out to your team or make a transaction.

We asked our web strategist for the top 3 questions they ask businesses to build their online salesperson:

Question #1: Who is your audience?
Knowing your audience is crucial, as this insight helps establish the language and visuals necessary to communicate your brand in a relatable manner. Don’t simply settle for age, gender, location. Aim to know more personable qualities, such as your audience’s habits and interests. This will help create user profiles that will indicate the type of pages your website needs, and what those pages need to include.

Question #2 What is your unique value proposition (UVP)?
Every business understands the need for differentiation. What makes your business stand out against competitors? Identifying your UVP will help you to create the right user profiles and build lasting relationships. UVP’s can range from an informative blog, lower prices, incentive programs etc. When you know what your UVP’s are, you can design your online presence around promoting them.

Question #3: What does the buying process look like?
Your customer is sold on your business and ready to make a transaction. First, our team would like to know what your current transaction process currently looks like. From there, they can make recommendations for a smoother transition from initial selection to purchase. This question helps solidify what Calls to Action work best for which user profiles.

Invest into your website the same way you would invest into your team. Remember your best salesperson is talking to hundreds or thousands of people at the same time on the web.

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