4 Ways To Keep Your Website Fresh
July 6, 2016
Author: Erwin Lee

Sometimes businesses know they need a website rebuild, but aren’t ready for a number of reasons - time, budget, or approval process.

Consumers are increasingly web and mobile savvy and a business simply cannot let this important aspect of their online brand get stale. Web is a passion for us and these little things can make a world of difference in the web experience for your site visitors. Here are our our top 4 recommendations for keeping your website current:

1. Update Images

The quality of visuals a website uses play an important role in communicating brand and connecting with your audience. Simply investing in new images can give an updated look. This is a simple task that is quick and easy, and can make a major impact. Not sure what images to place? Take advantage of the change in seasons and special holidays to pump up your visuals.
To make sure image quality is also pure and crisp, try using strictly PNG files as they are small in size but retain the most quality.

2. Change Dates

Nothing makes a website look more outdated than inconsistent dates. This can include the copyright date at the bottom of your website. If your website lists physical store locations, there is nothing more frustrating than arriving to find a location is closed because of wrong business hours on the website. This applies to team member profiles too - make sure the number of years each team member has been in the industry is correct.

3. Ramp Up your About Page

As your business grows, a story unfolds. That story should be reflected in the ‘About’ page. Make sure that it reflects your current goals, and is written to appeal to your audience. Does your current copy still appeal to your target audience? Has your company won awards in the past months? Have team members received new certifications? 
Providing answers to these questions will instantly change a user’s perception about your business.

4. Re-post Past Blogs

Content is important for building a community and connecting with your audience. But if you’re tight on time and aren’t able to constantly create new blog content, you shouldn’t drive yourself crazy trying to reinvent the wheel with post ideas. Did you post a blog 3+ months ago? There’s a good chance it’s still relevant. A simple change to the title and updated visuals can bring blogs back to life.

These tips should not require any coding and changes are fairly instant.
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