How To Add Personality To Your Team Page
July 1, 2016
Author: Erwin Lee

Hubnest’s proudest page is our team page. In our business, it’s the most important page of the entire website. People tend to bond better when they see faces they can connect with. We believe that whether you’re selling a service or product, it’s a good idea to have a strong bio as part of your team page.

A good team page establishes personal connections with your user audience while also showing off your company’s personality. A great team page will also attract the right talent to keep growing your business. Have you ever been on a website where you see an incredible team page and think “Wow, I want to work there!”? That’s always our goal when it comes to creating team pages for our clients. Here are some points we use when creating an exceptional team page:

1. Consistently styled photos

Each team member should be photographed in the same style. If team members submit their own photos for the team page, give clear direction on what you’re looking for. Consider the style and tone such as lighting and background. Should the pictures be full colour or black and white? Consistency is key. Once the style is set, it’s time to work on the tone. Is your organization to be seen as serious? Fun? Quirky? It’s important to prep your team members, as not everyone is comfortable being in front of the camera!

2. Clearly defined roles 

A new visitor to your website should be able to easily see the role of each team member. Clear roles are helpful for clients putting a face to a name, and also has the bonus of establishing strong credibility for your business. Consider organizing roles by department, so as your business grows over time each new team member has their space on the page. 

3. Room for participation

While giving strong direction on overall theme is great for your organization’s personality, it is important to consider each member’s input because of their role. From outfits to striking a unique pose, each person is able to bring something different to the table.

Show us your organization’s team page and we’ll create a blog post on some great examples. Leave a comment or speak to one of our web strategists for some more tips in our contact form below.

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