What Website Colors Say About Your Brand
June 28, 2016
Author: Addison

Your business’s website should be a digital reflection of your overall brand. Clearly communicating your business’s personality is essential for growing strong relationships with clients and customers. Do you know how the colors used on your website influence perceptions of your business as a whole? We’re taking a closer look at how color can be used to communicate brand personality online.

First, the diagram below shows key personality traits that each color conveys:

Now, let’s see these colors in action with Integra Health Centre:

The Integra Health team aimed to establish their business as a forward-thinking medical clinic for professionals and athletes. We began our branding strategy by defining the emotional response that we wanted to create for their clients. Key personality traits that stood out to us throughout strategy sessions where: energetic, affluent, innovative, and professional.  

These brand personality traits were the driving force behind the two main colour schemes on Integra Health’s website. Blue and white, dominant across the entire website, were chosen to communicate the professionalism and trust that fits with the traditional medical aspect of a clinic. However, to demonstrate that Integra Health is more than your average clinic, we used bold yellow and orange to open the home page. The colors of professionalism and enthusiasm combined to demonstrate Integra’s brand personality.

Understanding how colors influence your business’s brand perceptions is essential in making informed choices for your website. We hope this article was a helpful introduction to using color to build your brand. Interested in talking more about improving your website’s visual design? Get in touch in the contact form below.

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