Building a Contact Form that Converts is All About Strategy
May 26, 2016
Author: Addison

No matter the industry, all businesses have the same goal - growth, whether in sales, community, or brand awareness. A website is the first place an audience learns about your business. The experience from your website is the experience expected when doing business with you. We’ve found that there are basic building blocks that are always included yet easy to overlook, but when given the right attention can make the difference in bringing in new customers - and ultimately, growing your business.

There are many ways for users to get in touch with a business; however often times a step is missed. That step is building a creative experience.

Contact forms hold such a commonplace functionality; they must be included because it’s how potential customers are able to reach out to and connect with your team. Think of contact forms as the difference between a customer choosing to reach out to you or not. Contact forms are the key to opening up a connection - Your business may have great products or services to offer, but if contact forms are disengaging or not created well, it’s simple for someone to close your tab and Google search for another business offering within your industry.

We enlisted the help of our creative developer team to get input on putting together contact forms that convert. Their advice,

“Think of your website as your best salesperson who is suggesting the best way to get in touch”.

Taking advantage of special customizations can transform a few simple questions into an experience. Take each step of the form and think of how it can be more engaging for the customer. What about pre-populating answers with fun copy or breaking away from typical drop-down menu choices? The options are endless. The team also emphasizes the  importance of being empathetic with your potential customers. They’re most likely visiting dozens of websites each day, with each one asking for their name and email. What makes your contact form stand out, and worth someone giving their personal information to you for? Here are their picks, that best show contact forms done right:

Rather than a simple drop-down menu, this contact form takes on a scribbled notebook style, where each reason for a customer sending a message is like a brainstorm bubble.

This contact form is literally an adventure within itself - the form is created in the style of an airplane ticket. What better way to get across a creative message?

Interested in some more creative ways to build your form? Send us a message on the fun form we built just for this blog!

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