Local Artist of the Month: Giles Monette
March 4, 2016
Author: Addison

Giles Monette is a multi-talented artist whose creative aesthetic is purposely difficult to define. Refusing to give into the pressure of sticking to a signature style, which he feels takes away from imagination, Giles aims to bring a fresh approach to every project he takes on. He fully expresses himself through different styles and mediums - from bubbly, cartoon-inspired illustrations to bold portrait photography. Giles’ open approach to creativity has been key in building his decade long career, as he has worked tirelessly to cultivate a range of expertise from design, to video direction/production, to photography, and curation. His work has made an impact both locally in Toronto, and internationally, establishing him as a mainstay on the arts and culture scene.

Photographs and illustrations from Giles’ “Untitled” series were showcased in our Toronto office, as part of the Hubnest Art Exchange program. Along with being displayed for our team and clients, his work was also up while we participated in Startup Open House. We welcomed everyone from our local community to come check out our space, meet the team, and learn more about the work we do. To have such an influencer in the artistic community showcasing his creations during one of the biggest events tech events of the year really stood out to us. Giles’ pieces were the perfect representation of community building, and expanding relationships beyond the typical tech startup circuit.

Giles’ perspective on creating great work transcends industries. He emphasizes the absolute importance of being inspired by the freedom in creation. As an artist, he is able to put his thoughts out into the world, where they’re ultimately interpreted by viewers in their own subjective way. Similarly, web experiences aren’t sealed in a vacuum - they become an integral part of people’s lives, and each person is free to explore the work we create in their own way. Anyone that’s created anything, ever, can relate to the fact that it’s tough to produce work, but so easy to tear someone else’s work down. His advice? Let negativity pass through you, and commit to your vision. This way you’ll always create work you’re proud of, and continue to build up your own creative community.

Thank you to Giles Monette for lending his work to be displayed in our office. To see more, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Are you an artist interested in being part of the Hubnest Art Exchange program? We will showcase your work in our office for 2 months for our team and clients, and you will receive a 1 hour business consultation with our partners. Get in touch with our marketing coordinator, Addison, for more!

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